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It is extremely difficult situation to have many things cluttered on our desks, shelves and in our homes.  We always think that we could have been little more organized in our life. How do you come to a conclusion as to what is cluttered and what is not cluttered, and even more difficult is how to remove what is cluttered?

how to reduce clutter tips and ideas

how to manage the mess tips and ideas

Reducing mess is a simple and easy thing; you only need to realize that you have clutter to reorganize. The first place where you can attack is in your closet.  This is a peculiar storage area where things start getting accumulated just like a magnet draws iron pieces towards it.  Many items like coats, winter cloths all start to pile up in this area but because of the convenient space, things get over loaded there and you need to go through lot of things to identify and pickup what you require.  Realizing and identifying a solution which can work best for you is the key to manage the mess in a closet.

There are closets which are available in the market that has a shelf at the top of them. It is best to have one if you don’t already have.  Go ahead and purchase stackable bins which you can name and put on the shelves.  In short have a place for everything and everything should be only kept in that place.  Keep a place for your watches, second one might be your magazines which you would have brought and promised that one day you shall read. Always remember that reducing clutter is not organizing things but also getting rid of things which you do not require or you will probably never use.

There are smart ways in de-cluttering the piled up magazines. Cut out the articles which you feel you will be reading at some point and keep it in a file or a binder.  You may be a person who wants to do things yourself, and you have purchased a magazine on how to design something. Now you need to keep it yourself organized but always remember your motto is to remain clutter free.

The next place where you need to target is the place under your bed which is another nightmare.  Innumerable number of items like shoes, empty boxes, toys and many many more items, would have got cluttered as if there is no other place to keep in your home.  If you have done everything in your closet, you must have gained some space, where you can keep them and of course after removing those which are not required. There are many other simple solutions for your storage problem. You can purchase bed lifts to optimize your space which you have under your bed for storage. Space bags are other smart say to hold your seasonal beddings, which allows you to suck the air out so that the bedding and bag become compatible to be stored. Moving object are best for clutter management like bins with wheels on them can easily slide under your bed, and is best to store but always keep it close to you.

All these depend upon you, the way how you assess things and decide as to which one is required to be kept. One simple way to decide if you are too much confused is check if you have used the items in the last 1 year. Do you possess another one which is better than the first item? Is there one more item like this item which is broken and you are keeping this purely because you are guilty? Is it out of the market and out of style and therefore do you want to possess it?  There can be questions which are very hard to answer but your primary objective and focus should be to reduce clutter and have a nice, clean and organized environment. I am confident that you will be able to honestly get rid of things which you really need to get rid of and lead a satisfactory life.

clutter tips ideas and guide