Organizing a Home – A comprehensive Checklist on how to organize your house

Organizing a home is something which needs to be done on a regular basis. A home is a place where you definitely need to show your pride. Same way it will make you terribly upset you if the same is in total messy. Before someone else comes and points the mess, let us try to do some makeup to organize your home. Who knows may be you can even find a computer or laptop from the mess which you lost some time back.

1.       Check for the magazine rack which is over flowing with old and new magazines and also with some news papers.

2.       Check your shoe rack; there may be shoes which are kept for ages without even throwing it. You can find many such items from your shoe rack.

3.       Kid’s toys are something which becomes redundant over a period of time.  Check if the toys are still being used, or it is better you can share the same with your neighbor or maybe you can donate the same to someone.

4.       Check your medicine cabinets.  I can say for sure there will be medicines which have crossed expiry date, or may be medicines for diseases which are already cured and no longer required.

5.       Closets are space where most of your clutters are hiding. Pull out everything from the closet and try to put it again in an organized way, I can bet more than 40% of the items may not be required now.

6.       Drawers are place which is very easy to dump things. Both knowingly and unknowingly one starts to dump things into the drawers. Again use the same approach which you did for clearing your closets.

7.       Basements are once again place where your broken or unused things are kept. Check to see if you still hold any age old things there. You can get lot of clutters from your basement which can throw immediately.

8.       Gifts are something which keeps flowing inside the home often.  Things often get exchanged and over a period of time, these item turns into clutter. Best thing is to share these things with someone who deserves it.

9.       Compact Disk and its covers, audio tapes, video tapes are all things of past, now you can convert them digitally and can store it on small hard disk.  This can save you lot of desk space.

10.   Check your book shelves, you will have lot of books which can be given to your friends or neighbors and you no longer required.

These are very few items in the checklist and if you take care of only these items, you will really start enjoying organizing a home.