5 Steps to Organize Room

To have a Organize Room to look presentable is a daunting task. Every one want to keep their room neat and clean but it seldom happens the way we want.  As days pass on new stuffs keep added and old things are not disposed off leading to utter clutters piling up everywhere.  In this article you will find ten simple steps to Organize Your Room.

Step 1:- Get three Large Boxes:

First step is to collect three large boxes.  These boxes are the tools which you are going to use to organize your room and are very important.  First Box is where you are going to put things which you do not need, but to trash or throw them out. Second Box is something which you can donate or give away to someone. Third Box is something which you need to retain.

Step 2:-Start organizing from a small area of your room:

You often get confused from where you will start organizing or de-cluttering your room.  It is a very simple thing.  Start from a corner of a room, or from a small desk, closet or something.  But the main thing here is just start, do not wait.

Step 3:-Organize, Organize and Organize

Take all the things from the room and spread it on the floor and spread.  Now you need to decide what to be done with these things. There are only 3 options for you to decide.  Option 1 is do you want to retain it, Option 2 is do you want to donate or give it so someone who can use it ad Option 3 is to thrash it.  I can tell you; this is the toughest part in organizing your room. Your boxes which you have designated to be used for three different types of things become full very fast.

Step 4:- Decide and De-clutter

You need to decide certain things when you are organizing your room. Do you really need the thing? It may be a magazine, are you really going to read it.  One thing is if you have never used it in last 6 months then you may never use it.  You can easily throw it. You also need to see if it is of use to anyone else, then you can easily donate it.  You need to donate only if the thing is in usable condition.

Step 5:-Throw & Rearrange the Rest

I can challenge you that at least 60% of your things would have been easily thrown out.  By doing this you can easily gain space, cleanliness etc in your room. Things you have decided to be thrown away you need to do it then and there.  Do not keep it again in one another corner of the room, to be thrown tomorrow or some other day or during week end.  This kind of procrastination is what makes people develop this habit of building clutters.  Re arrange the rest of the things which you need to retain in an organized manner.

Organizing your room does not end there. You need to maintain the standard what you have developed. Keep organizing your room once at least once a month and this will definitely create positive energy both in your room and in your life.  Happy organizing your room.