Organize your Office – 10 Great tips to straighten your Office and discipline yourself | organize an office

You may have felt your office or office table very uncomfortable and suffocating. The reason may be that your office is cluttered and there is no free flow of energy in it.  It is high time you need to organize an office, and discipline yourself.

1.       Allocate time at least 10 minutes at the end of each day to clear your desk, drawers and your office and to organize and keep things on regular basis. This will make you more systematic and will help you in not accumulating things.

2.       Allocate time at least 10 minutes during the last working day of the week to relook all the things which have been done during the week and also the things in your office.  All unwanted things should be thrown away and retainable items should be kept in an organized way.

3.       Projects can de-clutter many things and can affect your schedules and will create huge clutters. Keep your project related things in one single place may be a file or folder, named, tagged and kept structured.  You can also us Microsoft Project to keep your information and tracking more meaningful.

4.       Once the project is closed, get signoff, clear all related papers and simply keep it away from your desk. You can keep your closed project related papers in compactors.

5.       Magazines and newspapers will occupy huge space and clutter your office. Keep only todays or that week’s or that period related magazine with you. Rest you should keep away.

6.       Sometimes you may have kept an interesting article or pages in folder or in your office to be read sometime later.  See how old these collections are, if you have not read it for the last 6 months, you may never read it in future too.  Just throw it away.

7.       Business cards may be lying around your office. You need to get an organizer and keep all your business cards in a meaningful way like customer related, vendor related, personal, business etc.

8.       Business mails are another form of clutters. You may have opened the cover but would have procrastinated to action on it at a later date. Never develop this habit. Do it then and there. Action on it, delegate or trash it. This will help you to remove the inertia inside you.

9.       Never mix your office related items or documents with your personal documents. Create a separate area or a file for that.

10.   Straighten your desk at the end of each day.  Before you leave ensure all the papers which are not required are shredded.

Never keep your clutters to be cleared tomorrow, once you start doing that you will never be able to stop.  And remember Tomorrow never comes.