how to declutter your computer

Did you notice that the performance of your computer had deteriorated over a period of time since you purchased? The reason is that your computer had been cluttered with unwanted junk files which you will never use.  Cleaning up your computer on a regularly, and defragmenting on a scheduled basis will increase the speed to a considerable extend, if not fully.

I never realized that it happened to me.  One day when I was giving a presentation and my boss observed and explained me my problem.  My desktop was almost cluttered with excel and word files icon.  He politely asked me to retrieve a file and I was almost searching it for half an hour but in vain.  He explained me that my problem was I have not organised or managed my files properly in my computer and it also reflects what kind of personality I am.  I was really embarrassed by his observation.

I decided to declutter my computer immediately and did the following:-
I first took a backup of my hard disk as a precaution so that I do not lose any precious file which I need to have.
Next I created a folder by name Desktop and just blindly pulled all the files from my desktop and dropped it into my new folder.  It was really relieved to see my desktop so neat and clean.  I realized that I had become so lazy that I just keep creating my files on desktop and never bothered to file it properly, or trash it if not required.

Next I checked the temporary files which are created both under the windows folder as well as on the internet temporary folder.  I never realized that every email attachment which I open and close creates a temporary file and it sits there permanently until I delete it.
Then I searched for files which are not used for more than a year, using the advance option in the search panel and I got a long list of files which were never used, but I simply kept it on my computer.  I just scrolled the names, and decided that it is no longer required.  I straight away selected all these files and deleted them from my system.  There were innumerable numbers of duplicate files which have got created like photographs, multiple versions of the same files which will never be used by me.

Then I turned to see what all programs I have been using.  More than half of the programs in My Program options were used only once and were never reused again.  I have been installing programs, but never bothered to uninstall if they no longer required.  I went into my settings and control panel and removed all unwanted programs from there.  There were many games which I use to play once upon a time, but were still found on my computer.  I simply deleted them.

After doing all these cleanups I opened my Recycle bin and emptied it, so that I can get some more space to breath.  I then did a disk cleanup and a defragmentation on my computer.  This exercise actually did thorough clean up of my computer and reorganized or rearranged my files completely. I also scheduled my defragmenting option on a weekly basis, so that I can run of its own without my intervention. I decided myself that henceforth I shall keep files where they are supposed to be, and not leave them on my desktop. I realized that leaving a file on desktop is like leaving a file on your desk.

I was surprised to see the amount of space which I had gained by simply doing these steps and moreover my system had started working faster.