declutter and organize your home | how declutter

You should realize that your home was not disorganized in a day or two, and similarly it is not going to be de-cluttered in a day or two. You may plan to allocate some time each day to come over this mess. The best and simple way to do is by getting three big boxes. Label the first one as “gift or donate away”, second one as “trash away” and the third one as “put away”. Draw the “throw away” box with a gunny bag to denote that it need not be kept anymore.

To make it easier, start with one room in your home at a time. You should remember that the objective of this exercise is to organize things, so you should do your de-cluttering in an organized and systematic way. Never skip anything when you are cleaning. It will practically be difficult to evaluate whether an items is important or not, which one to keep and which one to throw.

To evaluate an item to be gifted or trashed or put away you need to ask several different questions.

What and how do you feel about the particular item?

Does the particular item have any sentimental value?

Do the particular items make you feel sad or happy or emotional?

Is the item in a usable condition?

You just need to discard it even though you might have had it for years?

Can you use something else which could be more useful?

The answers for these questions will help you to decide if you want to hold back any item. If you have too many things which may not be of help you could think of giving it to some charities. You could also make some money by auctioning them on the websites available online.

As you start to declutter your room you realize that there are so many things which are not properly aligned. When you have collected enough of things to give away stop your de-cluttering process and give away these items then and there. Or you might just end up storing them in your closet, basement or in the attic intending to give it away later. It might just be there until you think of clearing your basement or attic.

If you decide to de-clutter your room include every piece of furniture including your drawers, furniture and shelves. This would help to tidy up your room and also align the furniture in the perfect way. Look through all the drawers of furniture like desk and clean it up. All stationery items should have a proper place and see to that it remains there. You could also allot a place for you important files and financial papers. Keep only the papers that you require and the rest could be collected and kept in a separate place for years to come.

The process of declutter is not as interesting as it sounds. You should schedule some time for this process and do it accordingly every day till it is over. Have a cloth handy to clean up as you do your de-cluttering. After you have removed all the unwanted things you can go back and arrange your room the way you want it to look.