Declutter Kitchen in one Sweep

Declutter Kitchen, it sounds like Rocket Science isnt it? Did you suddenly realize that your kitchen is running short of space or it is fully stuffed and cluttered with items known and unknown to you?  You know that it has to be cleaned, but do not really understand where to start with or you are continuously deferring your decision of de-cluttering your kitchen. Some of the tips which I have listed below can help you to de-clutter your kitchen quickly and keep it clean forever.

Declutter Kitchen in just one Sweep

Treat your kitchen like your office, a place which should be kept organized always to impress your boss, to get respect from your colleagues and to get business from your customers. You should have a space and place for everything and that thing should only be kept its pre-designated place.  You should ensure that the kitchen has a place for utensils, a grocery cupboard, and space for pans, plates etc.  If you have pre-designated place like this it will not only give a neat look for your kitchen, but also will save time to pickup things when you require.  You need not run around your kitchen to pickup things when you require.

declutter your kitchen clean

Declutter kitchen

In a de-cluttered kitchen it can be guaranteed that more than 50% of the items will be items which were not used for more than 6 months. So you need to segregate what are needed to have items and what are nice to have items. You should start your de-cluttering exercise from space which is difficult to reach, may be from the top.  You shall be shocked to see the quantity of clutters which you have accumulated over a period of years.

There is no hard and fast rule to declutter your kitchen.  Keep some meaningful logic when de-cluttering like cleaning from left to right, top to bottom etc.  Any item which you have not used in the last 1 year can be easily given away or can be trashed and it does not deserve to be in your kitchen.  Check each and every item individually and just decide whether you require Yes or No.  Do not spend too much time in deciding trying to justify yourself that you may require it when you prepare this, or it may be required for your next festival etc.

De-cluttering is not a one time activity.  Thereafter, you need to maintain your kitchen so that it does not get cluttered once again.  It normally happens that a person spends so much time in declutter kitchen and making his kitchen neat and clean and within one week the clutters starts getting accumulated.  Keep cleaning on a regular basis, may be before you close your day, and ensure that your kitchen is clean. Develop a passion in keeping your kitchen organized and clean, and once a while invite your friends to your home, which can really help you to keep your place clean.  If you get any kind of criticism from your friends or well wishers you should take it in a very positive way.

By doing this you not alone increase your kitchen space, but will definitely create a positive energy and you can enjoy a stress-free and uncluttered kitchen. So just declutter kitchen in one sweep now.

Declutter kitchen or uncluttered kitchen is a peace of mind.