How to De-clutter a Kitchen

I had just finished decluttering my Kitchen, and am extremely glad that I was able to do it.  Kitchen is one of the worst place where things can get cluttered very quickly and in unmanageable proportions.  The worst part of it is, unlike other areas of your home, it sometimes start smelling.

In China they say that when something is left over in a place for a long time, the energy or chi gets stale and become stagnant there.  When energy becomes stagnant, there is no new energy to refresh that area. You would have definitely realized that after some days you feel a heaviness or dullness when you move to that area.

Open all the windows even before you start your de-cluttering work, just to get some fresh air.  Keep two boxes in the center or in one corner.  You can name one box as to be trashed and another box as to be moved elsewhere. Place some old news papers in the center of the floor to place things which you are going to remove from the cabinets.

Best way to declutter is to start the cleaning work in clock wise direction. Open all the doors of the kitchen cabinets too.  You need to check and decide what is required to be kept or retained. Those items which are not suppose to be kept can be kept in the box which is named as “to be moved elsewhere”.  Next see for the expiry date of your food packets, and those which are beyond the expiry date must be removed immediately and moved to trash. If a  place is not cleaned for a longer period of time, don’t get surprised to see some insects running around.

You should clean one cabinet at a time and keep moving in a clockwise direction instead of doing everything in a rather haphazard manner. Never do things in an unorganized way and you might end up in discontinuing your de-cluttering exercise.

Group and place all similar small items together like your spoons, fork, and cutters into one transparent box, so that you can see it and can easily pick up as and when you require.  One more thing what you need to check is, ensure if you have used them at least in the last six months, otherwise you can move it out of the kitchen. Place your items which you require for cooking in separate containers, which can be easily accessible when cooking. Pasting stickers and naming them about the content inside shows how organized you are in your work.  Clean your other items like your refrigerator, remove all the items which are kept inside the refrigerator, and defrost the refrigerator, which will clean all the cluttered ice inside your freezer. Keep specific space for vegetables, eggs, meats, chocolates, milk, juice, water, ice cubes etc.  Remove the two boxes from the kitchen, which you kept for moving items to be trashed, and items to be kept elsewhere. Your de-cluttering exercise for your kitchen is complete.

I have observed that as you clean your kitchen, you can feel the surge of energy flows inside the room, which will help you to clean further. As the things are getting cleaned and fresh light and air flow inside the kitchen, you can feel the new energy or the new chi rushing inside.

If you want to do it in a more professional manner, there are many professional firms who can offer specialized solutions in space management. De-cluttering your kitchen is very simple task and you only need to decide what is necessary to retain and what to be trashed as simple as yes or no.

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