Get help to Declutter a Closet | declutter help

Do you remember how you picked up your clothes for dry cleaning from your closet last time? Are there too many clothes disorganized or cluttered?  If so then for sure, one of the two things must have changed.  Either the clothes styles and fashion has changed or the person wearing the clothes must have changed which has resulted in the closets getting cramped and cluttered.

The delay in the arrival of spring is a good time to declutter your closet.  This is because by this time the weather will become a little more constant. The worst thing which can ever happen is you pack away all your summer clothes in the beginning of October, and all of a sudden you get a week of perfect for short sleeves weather.  You also start this exercise or project only when you have full day and energetic to do or during weekends. The reason for this is after you start de-cluttering and you put your clothes on your bed, suddenly you realize it is late to go to bed or you are extremely tired, and just put back everything into the closet.  Remember that cluttering of your closet did not happen in a day.  It actually is happening over a past few days but help is in your hand.  Open your closet and have a close look of what you actually need to do to make it organized.  Do you need a better way to keep your shoes? Have you kept your accessories all over because you do not have a proper place to keep them?

Take every single piece of cloth and start remembering when you wore it last time. Is it still in good wearable condition? If you have not worn it any time during the last 12 months, then it is most likely you may never wear it. Go through your accessories and shoes and see if they are in good condition or do they require to be thrown. Remove all the items from the closet and clean it thoroughly.  Vacuum the floor and wipe everything including the shelves, racks and clothes bar etc.  Once this is done, neatly fold your clothes, and keep it back in an organized manner. Group common things together like it is a good idea to keep your under garments together, your ties together etc.

See if you have some space in the closet, and if you find that there is no adequate space, then you definitely need to buy more shelves or racks.  Once you have narrowed down your purchase plan, you can buy the product immediately, to set to go on your de-cluttering the closet day.

If you are cleaning a small closet, you need to manage the space more wisely; the backside of the closet door is a good place to put few hooks, an accessories rack. Purchase a bin with wheel which can slide under the bed.  Purchase bed lifts if you do not have sufficient space under your bed. Some smart tip to save time is, store your out of season cloth elsewhere, as they don’t need to be hung up. They can be stored elsewhere neatly with hanger intact.

If you want a professional help and permanent organizational solution you can approach companies like EasyClosets.Com who offer specialized solutions in space management.

De-cluttering your closet can be easily done.  You only need to take time and utilize your space and consider the best organizational solution.