De-clutter Your Bedroom in One Day

Entering into your bedroom full of clutter is just like committing suicide from the relaxation mood and comfort which an organized room need to offer. Do not worry, decluttering your bedroom is a simple task and can be completed in just one day time. Hence, do not accept clutters anymore and do not defer your de-cluttering exercise. Do only these easy things to find a perfect room for relaxation and peace.

To start with your de-cluttering exercise first take a piece of paper and pen and start making notes. Look through the room in the clockwise direction and see where is the clutter mostly congregating? Check if it is near the night lamp? What are the required things which you very frequently use and want to keep near your bed? All the other things are simply nothing but they are cluttering your space there. Are you a person who love to read at night? There may be a pile of books or magazines near the bed which is not in their right place. The simple solution is to put few shelves by the bedside. It may be some little piece of garbage that is scattered over the top of the night stand. Make a note on the piece of paper. Think of the solution for this, like buying a small trash bin which can be kept near the bed side. Did you notice a heap of cloth lying in the corner? Make a note to buy another hamper to be placed in the spot which can collect most of the dirty cloths.

Check to see if you have adequate space in your wardrobe for your clothes. Many a time laundry dresses ends up on top of the table or dresser. The reason is quite straight forward; you simply do not have enough space in your wardrobe to hold your clothes. Just bend down to check under your bed. Do you remember when you cleaned it last? How good is it right now? Check if you need to buy a couple of moving bins which has wheels on them which can be easily slid in and out from under your bed. Go through your notes and look again at your room again to see if you have missed anything else? You have to buy the items listed in your notes, and to organize your bedroom.

The next thing which you need to work is creating an organized space. Remove items which are not supposed to be kept in a bedroom. Second remove items which are cluttered and keep it in the place in which they are supposed to be. There may be many newspapers which can be trashed, just remove them from the bedroom. Remove magazines which you though you will read when you are relatively free, but were never read. Is there space available in the shelf? If not do you require these books, or can you gift or donate them to some charitable trust. See if there are cloths which are old and which cannot fit. Organize your cloths in a neat way like keeping your socks, under garments, bathing suits etc separately rather than clumping them all in one single drawer.

It is possible that major problem is your storage which is kept under your bed. Do you have any other space in your home where you can keep these things? Placing shoes under the bed in a moving bin is an excellent storage solution. You need to also remember that when you store things under the bed, and if you are not able to see them individually then it means there are too many things already, and the space need to be de-cluttered.

Making a peaceful and relaxing space is quite easy. With regular organization and a clear picture in your mind as to what you want can make your bedroom the best room in your home and your dream space.