7 Simple Ideas to Declutter Anything

The points listed below are not going to teach you anything new, you may have known these for years.  It is said that it is not possible to teach a person something new.  But it is always possible to bring something which he already knows to a greater degree of awareness.  That is what exactly the following lines will do.  These may be declutter ideas or tips which you had already read or known, but would have lost due to oversight.
You should realize that cluttering things is always bad.  Even in our childhood days, it was taught to keep our things neat and tidy.  However, when we grew up we seldom remember these lessons.  The following are few tips and ideas which can help you to come out of your cluttering habit.

1.    Papers and Magazines are the easiest things that get cluttered.  You will always have a tendency to pile up your papers for future references or thinking you can read it when you are free.  But remember, you are never going to be free.  So do not have a habit of cluttering magazines, if required just have a quick look and remove pages which you need and try to read it in your car when you travel to your office.  Rule is complete reading it that day itself; do not defer it for future.

2.    Clothes are next possible thing which gets easily cluttered.  If you have not used your clothes for more than 6 months you can donate it or thrash it.  You may think that you shall be using it sometimes later, but believe me, that day is never going to come.

3.    Keep your storage space very limited.  The more you keep it; the more clutters you will start creating.  If your space is limited, you will be forced to relook at things, the necessity to retain and that may make you decide to de-clutter your things fast.

4.    Decide then and there.  One of the main reasons for things getting piled up is due to laziness and procrastination attitude.  Your decision making skill need to improve, decide then and there whether you need it or not.  Retain only if it is required, never keep nice to have things with you.  These nice to have things will just get cluttered over a longer period of time.

5.    Keep last 10% of the time for your task to organize and clean your things. Do not leave your papers, books just like that on your table after a meeting.  It may sound to be funny, but the real thing is, it saves amazingly huge amount of time which you are going to spend in future.  You will always have a peace of mind and sense of accomplishment that you are an organized person.

6.    Relook at your room at least twice a week.  There may be things which have got cluttered without your knowledge.  Do not show mercy or laziness or emotional attachment when de-cluttering things.  Just simply clear it off from your sight.  You may not spend too much time on this task, as you are regularly clearing your things then and there.

7.    Keep a second person whom you trust, who is genuinely interested in you to review your room and things, may be your spouse, or your friends.  Some things may be right from your perspective may not look right in others perspective.  This way you can really clean up your things to a considerable extend.

Keeping your place organized is the simplest thing you can do in life.  Since it is so simple, we tend to overlook the importance until it becomes very damaging, and starts projecting your character and what kind of person you are.