17 Great Tips on Organizing Closets

Organizing Closets is one of the simplest things on earth.  You need to go through every section of your wardrobes one by one and remove everything which you have not used for more than 6 months.  Only exception will be your seasonal items like winter cloths etc.  Other than that every item if you have not used, but just bought it because you liked them need to be decided.

Of course thinking of doing this will be overwhelming and simplifying this into 17 great tips is useful for people who struggle to clear their wardrobes. These are not something which I have innovated, but they are collation from you guys from other various articles and newsletters.

Tip No.1 – De-clutter one section of your closet at a time. Do not spread everything from your closet on floor or on the bed, just take one section of your closet and finish that before starting the next one.

Tip No.2 – Spend no more than 15 minutes per section. There is no hard and fast rule for this, but lesser the time, the more productive you can be, and will not spend too much time in deciding and cluttering things again.

Tip No.3 – Listen to some good music when organizing your closets. This will take away the boredom and will not make you feel that the task is difficult. You will in fact realize that you were able to do so much once you finish and will be surprised why you took so much time to do this.

Tip No.4 – Organize your Closet 5 minutes every day. Make this as Habit.  Habit dies hard. If you remove “H” out of it, “A bit” still remains. If you remove “A” out of it, “Bit” still remains. If you remove “B” out of “it”, it still remains. Practice organizing your closet for 5 minutes for next 21 days and it will by default become a habit for you.

Tip No.5 – Never allow things to get cluttered at the first place. If you do that it is like filling up a bucket with water which has a hole, you keep de-cluttering at one end, and the other end the water is flowing out. Make up your mind no more to bring things inside your closet. Let your clothes get fully used before new one is brought in.

Tip No.6 – Donate stuffs which you are de-cluttering. There are so many people who require things like shoes, clothes, etc and the things which are no more useful for you can be donated to them.  But ensure they are in usable condition.

Tip No.7 – Paste an Annual “To do” chart behind your door. Paste one “To do” chart behind your closet door and keep marking whenever your schedule is complete.  Over a period of time you will realize how much organized you have become and how neat your closet looks now.

Tip No.8 – Every entry and exit from your closet should have a decision point. Whenever you bring a new thing into your closet or take out from your closet, you should decide then and there, whether it is temporary, permanent or seasonal etc and should decide to retain or remove.

Tip No.9 – Develop a Standard Space for your Closet. This means you need to agree to have standard space like, x number of clothes, y number of shoes, and whenever you bring an additional item, you need to make a practice of removing that many number of item from your standard space.  This will keep you away from cluttering and getting yourself organized.

Tip No.10 – Rule of Clothing. If you have not wear it for 6 months, you may not require it anymore unless it is a seasonal cloth like warm cloth or winter cloth. If you do not need it donate it or gift it.

Tip No.11 – Hoarding is a selfish act. Develop a habit to realize that your value is not in the stuff you have.  These are just clothes, ties, and things.  The value of you grows progressively when you gift and share things.

Tip No.12 – Get your Friend or Family member to review your Closet. You may have cleared many things from the closet. But that is still not enough. You may still have something in your mind which looks important for you, but from other persons point of view it may not be relevant. You should ask your best friend or your family member to review your closet.

Tip No.13 – Make a list of things in your Closet. Ensure that your list of things is the only thing which needs to be kept inside the closet. Many a time’s things start getting stuffed into the closet, because there is no other place in your home to be kept. You should avoid this habit.

Tip No.14 – Stop Procrastinating. The greatest tip of all the 17 tips mentioned here is this. Even if you follow only this tip and do not follow all the other 16 tips you should be able to do your organizing closets at its best. You should stop the habit of procrastinating and should start doing things then and there.  The procrastinating habits are more especially during weekends.

Tip No.15 – Develop a Passion. You should develop a passion when you organizing things. Enjoy doing that, and do not think it is a task to be completed.  Doing it that way will not only help you in organizing things but will help you in doing things in a much presentable way.

Tip No.16 – Do one thing at a Time till you complete it. Multi tasking is good, but many people are confused with how to do it. By doing multi tasking people tend to do unfinished task and keep procrastinating things. So when you are doing this closet cleaning or organizing your closet, just start and finish it.

Tip No.17 – Keep a space for everything and everything should only be kept in that space. In your closet, let it have a standard space for all your items, and ensure all these items are kept only in that standard space.

These tips should help you in successfully organizing closets and will make develop this as part of your routine. Please enjoy organizing your closets.